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Located in Jiulongchi Industry Zone in Yuxi City, Yunnan Province, Yunnan Chuangxin Aseptic Pak Division is a part of Yunnan Chuangxin New Materials Co., Ltd., with a business scope of research, development and sales of gable top package, aseptic brick and aseptic sleeve package etc. With an annual production capacity of 3 billion aseptic packaging boxes, we are an aseptic packaging manufacturer with strong comprehensive strength and have a strong presence in most provinces and cities in China.

We are equipped with lots of aseptic pak machines, such as Rotogravure, Flexo and Heidelberg offset printing equipment, David-standard lamination, High fire flame sealing and Dia-cutting equipment. We also have a group of management teams with more than ten years experience and talented R & D personnel. With our own scientific and technological strength, we are continuously to develop new products and technologies which are of market prospects and competitiveness and keep us competitive in the market.

We have developed aseptic gable top, bricks and sleeve packs by market demand since 2004. Aseptic packages produced by us is featured with innovative technology, sophisticated materials, print color bright, beautiful, rich layers, excellent heat sealing performance, strong adaptability, low filling loss, low price etc. Our products are competitive to the similar products at home and abroad and it t is the most popular green environment-friendly aseptic packages in the world. Our product is named as CAPAK Aseptic Package, covering CAPAK Sleeve, Gable Top and CAPAK Roll, which have been widely used in milk , juice and other liquid products package in the market.